The tourism and hospitality is the world’s largest industry and offers unrivalled opportunities for an exciting and rewarding career. In all its areas it offers a great potential for job opportunities, career advancement and job satisfaction than any other industry. Tourism by nature is global and is today the world’s largest industry.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) from official sources throughout the world, almost 715 million international tourist arrivals were registered last year. That is 22 million more than the previous year. More than 130 million international tourist arrivals were registered in Asia and Pacific, which many regarded as the”Destination of the Future”.

The importance of travel and tourism to the global economy has been increasing during the past decade. It is now the world’s largest industry and a major contributor to GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.
World Economic Outlook (WEO) presented that worldwide GDP growth is estimated at 3.2% for 2011 and 4.1% for 2012 in this industry.

One job out of every ten jobs is in the tourism industry. WTO

With a Hospitality & Tourism Management qualification, you can choose from a wide range of careers at supervisory and management levels. Being in this industry allows you to travel all over the world meeting different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Eventually, the experience and exposure gained will be of great value to you when you will start your own Hotel & Tourism Business Enterprises.

While this exciting career demands hard work, it offers attractive salaries and excellent job prospects. There are ample opportunities for self improvement as you will be able to travel, meet people and gain international exposure.

The student of Hotel and Tourism Management will have a broad base of management and technical skills which enables them to immediately be productive in work place. Special emphasis will be placed on preparing the students for trends in globalization which will be prevalent in tomorrow’s Tourism and Hospitality industry.