Our vision is to create a better world through education, integrity, and cultural understanding.


Creating hospitality excellence through education and training.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the hospitality industry is the ultimate consumer of its services and that the student’s interests are best served through the institute orienting programs to meet industry requirements.

  • We strive to maintain our international orientation and benchmark, its offerings with those of the top colleges & universities worldwide.
  • We maintain a strong general education component of our programs to help our graduates to be receptive to the vast possibilities presented by the hospitality and tourism industry.
  • We seek to prepare college graduates not only for employment with a variety of organizations but for starting new businesses on their own account.
  • We, with the assistance of industry partners, utilize faculty and facilities to offer innovative programs at a reduced cost.
  • We seek to distinguish ourselves by producing graduates singularly competent in the foundational skills required for a career in the hospitality industry.