Graduate Diploma (GDP)

Be trendy and forward in the field of hospitality

Twin Degree Program

With our Twin Degree Program, you get the chance to study abroad and have a career in a foreign country. We have partnered with institutes in Australia, UK, and Malaysia to better your opportunities and provide you with a broadened horizon to explore the Tourism & Hospitality industry.

This course provides you with the management knowledge, technical skills, and insights you will require to work in Tourism & Hotel Management. The course is strongly focused on the new trends of the industry with emphasis on contemporary issues present in the field.

This program leads to Bachelor’s in hospitality management in the UK or Australia. Enroll today and broaden your horizon.

Duration: 18 Months

Eligibility: Intermediate/A-Level 

Career Pathways

  1. Front Office Manager
  2. Operations Manager
  3. Bar Manager
  4. Restaurant Manager
  5. Business Entrepreneur
  6. Supervisor
  7. Tourism Officer
  8. Procurement Manager
  9. Cabin Crew Management
  10. Cruise Ship Manager

Course Outline


  1. Strong focus on applied knowledge with curriculum designed on the requirement of industry.
  2. Gain exposure through industrial visits, competitions & event management.
  3. Successful graduates of the program will have variety of career opportunities in the hospitality & tourism industry globally.
  4. Opportunities to articulate in the Bachelor Degree Program (Travel, Tourism & Hospitality) at Melbourne Polytechnic Australia with an exemption of 1.5-years, and will have 2 -Years Post Study Work in Australia on completion of the degree program.

Course Outline

Semester I
Course Code Course Name
HM35FO Front Office
HM47PD Personality Development
HM48FL French-I
HM34HM Hospitality Management
HM38ATT Tour Guide Air Passenger Tariff & Ticketing
HM47PD Personality Development
HM55HRM Human Resource Management
Semester II
Course Code Course Name
HM44BC Business Communication
HM48FL French-II
HM51HA Hotel Accounting
HM31FB Food & Beverage
HM50FC Fundamental of Cuisine
HM46OB Organizational Behavior
Semester III
Course Code Course Name
HM39HK Housekeeping
HM32IT Information Technology
HM45KMO Kitchen Management & Operations
HM43MKT Sales & Marketing
HM40EM Event Management

Entry Level: Intermediate to Master’s Duration : 18 Months (16 Months Theory & Practical + 2 Months Industrial Internship)