What you can call an institute that moulds you, shapes you & grooms you into something beyond your wildest expectations?
You call it “ITHM”.
When I look back on what I was before a year ago and compare it to what I am now, all I can say is “Thank You” ITHM for what you have converted me into. It’s because of ITHM that today I am working with “Shaheen International Airline”.

Samreen Khalid
Year of Graduation: 2013


My dream was to join the Airline Industry.
Because working within the airline industry gives you the opportunity to see the world and even rub shoulders with famous people.
My hospitality & tourism studies at ITHM provided me with the perfect foundation towards an exciting career path.
Join ITHM & Be A Part Of Sky Hospitality Leaders!

Year of Graduation: 2011


I choose to pursue my career in hospitality industry. I find studying at ITHM’s to be an enjoyable experience. The best part is the experienced and helpful lecturers. Although the hospitality course is demanding and teachers had high expectations. But this motivated me to work hard and I did my best.I enjoyed the project & presentation during my studies. I am looking to achieve more success in the industry.

Thanks ITHM for making me a Global Hospitality Leader.

Ali Qadir
Year of Graduation: 2011


Hi! I am Nadia Sana former student of ITHM Faisalabad. I did my Diploma in Hotel Management from ITHM. During my studies I joined the Jharoka Restaurant at Serena Hotel Faisalabad as Restaurant Manager. During this I was selected for FULL BRIGHT Scholarship Under USAID Program for higher studies of Pakistani students in USA. All the expenses for my studies, boarding & lodging, traveling & other were borne by the American Government. Now I am working as successful hotelier, thanks to ITHM for showing me the real path of success.

Nadia Sana
Year of Graduation: 2004


My name is Junaid Hameed. I have completed my diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management from ITHM Faisalabad. On the completion of my studies I got job as T&T Officer at Front Desk Serena Hotel Faisalabad. After that I got an opportunity to work in UAE & currently working as Front Desk Officer at Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island. Thanks to ITHM for making my dreams come true. Come & Join us @ ITHM to make your dreams ALIVE!

Junaid Hameed
Front Office Department
Year of Graduation: 2011


Studying at ITHM was a great experience. My institute & lecturers equipped me with the right knowledge & skills to start my career in the challenging Hospitality industry.
My practical studies at ITHM provided me with an opportunity to create “Fusion Food” from different cuisines. Hence proves the statement that a culinary study is an “ART”. And you can create what you can imagine by your artistic skills given by the nature. An institute like ITHM is polishing the skills & reshaping us as” Culinary Artist” for leading the industry on a global scale.

Asima Nazir
Year of Graduation: 2013


I choose to study hospitality management because i want a career related to services. Hospitality is a wide field of study and the career opportunities are not just limited to work in a hotel or restaurant. Leaving home and coming to ITHM has opened my mind and broadened my perspective on life because I’ve been able to interact with people from different cultures, undergo valuable industrial training, participate actively in campus activities. Now working successfully in Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

Huma Rani
Radisson Blu Hotel,
Year of Graduation: 2011


Studying at ITHM is an exciting and challenging experience. I choose to study at ITHM because of its reputation in providing the best hospitality & tourism education in Pakistan. Now i am proud to say that i made the right choice!
The facilities are excellent, teachers are friendly and with extracurricular activities we learn a lot beyond the traditional classroom experience.
Thank you ITHM for improving my confidence & skills.

Sadia Shafique
Year of Graduation: 2013


Studying at ITHM was a great experience.
ITHM equipped me with the right knowledge, skills and attitude ready to taken on the working world. ITHM provides quality education and a lot of people know about ITHM’s education & training standards. That’s why I am the part of this exciting industry.

Irfan Munir
Commis Chef
Year of Graduation: 2011


My education at ITHM provided me with a solid foundation in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.
My studies provided me a platform to establish a career internationally. It opened my mind on the ways in which the international market & its people work.

Adnan Zafar
Front Office Department
Year of Graduation: 2011

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