Tourism & Hotel Management

The Post Graduate Diploma is designed especially for the managers and entrepreneurs already working in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. It is the best choice for the business graduates who wants to join the most growing and challenging tourism and hospitality industry as their future career.

The students are equipped with the knowledge and skills on the operations of the hotel and hospitality industry, as well as the fundamentals of Business, Management, Marketing and HRM. Because it adopts an international curriculum, students are exposed to leadership and soft skills that will mold them into competent graduates who are ready to take their career to the next level.

Through this program, students will master multi-skills that are applicable to industry and will gain multidimensional approach which allow them to work in different services sectors around the globe. The graduate of this program are able to contribute to the growth and improvement of the industry by applying tactical and strategic planning capabilities.

Post Graduate Diploma holder’s would articulate their further studies in Bachelor/Master’s Degree at Melbourne Polytechnic Australia.
On successful completion of degree program, the student would get 2-Years Post Study Work in Australia.

Semester III
Course Code Course Name
HM56RDM Room Division Management I
HM48FL French Language (Basic)
HM34HM Hospitality Management
HM32IT IT for Hospitality & Tourism Industry
HM43MKT Sales & Marketing
HM44BC Business Communication
HM47PD Personality Development
Semester II
Course Code Course Name
HM38ATT Travel Agency Management
HM36RDM Room Division Management II
HM40EM Event Management
HM31FB Food and Beverage Services
HM48FL French Language (Advance)
HM52HRM Human Resource Management
HM53RD Research and Development (Project)

Industrial Internship (2-Months)

Entry Level: Bachelor’s, Master’s, P.hd Duration : 12 Months (10 Months Theory & Practical + 2 Months Industrial Internship)