National And International Training Partners

Punjab University

The University of Punjab, established in 1882, is the largest and oldest higher learning institute in the Muslim majority area. Punjab University has been working to spread the facility of education since the olden times. The university strives to provide a conducive environment for learning and excelling. With great teachers with immense knowledge to share, University of Punjab is a student’s first choice.

Our National And International Partners

The International Association of Culinary Association (IACP) USA is a worldwide forum for the development and exchange knowledge and inspiration within the professional food and beverage community. IACP is working for more than 30 years with the aim of connecting culinary professional with people, places & knowledge. Now with 3000 members from more than 32 countries, IACP is engaged and committed to excellence in all aspects of culinary industry at every level, local, national and global.  IACP is the only culinary organization of its kind: a cross road where everyone can meet to share experience and expertise, in ways that lead to unparalleled growth and learning.

The European Hotel & Tourism association was founded in 1988, with an objective to promote European quality outlook among hotel & tourism schools. It has currently 450 member schools from 44 European countries and is a center for international exchanges recognized by the worlds of business and education throughout Europe. It is helping education providers by developing and maintaining international contacts throughout Europe. It is providing a platform for teachers and students exchange among different countries for better understanding of their education systems.

Melbourne Polytechnic Australia has been delivering vocational training since 1912 and today offers a diverse range of innovative, hand-on TAFE (VET) and higher education (Degree) programs to equip the students with knowledge and skills to excel in a challenging and evolving market place. The institute has grown to become the largest provider of technical & vocational education in Melbourne’s north with current course enrollments exceeding 65000 students.

Since 2013, Melbourne Polytechnic has a memorandum of understanding with ITHM for the student’s transfer program. Our graduates are eligible for 100% credit transfer in Australia under that entitlement. ITHM with its diversified and intense urge for development is looking forward to a new era of training and development in Pakistan. The upcoming project with Melbourne Polytechnic would be focusing or training the trainers which would further open a new chapter of Australian qualification delivery in Pakistan. This effort would not only raise the standards of TVET education in Pakistan but also increase the employability of graduates in the international labor market with better wages.

France is the world’s leading tourist destination attracting more than 70 Million tourist every year. The country is renowned for its Arts, Culture, Fashion & Culinary traditions. France has some of the oldest universities in the world. The Hospitality and Tourism programs offered here is one of the best in the world. Founded in 1883, the Alliance Francaise today is present in more than 135 countries through out the world. It is an autonomous, non-profit institution. The main reason is to promote French & Francophone culture while encouraging & promoting the local culture in the host country.

Alliance Francaise is an international organization that aims to provide French language & culture around the globe. French language is the second largest spoken language in the world. French is an official language in 29 countries & 77 million people in Europe speak French natively. Alliance Francaise mission is to enhance the knowledge of French language & providing constant support to the students and institution according to their learning needs.

National And International Training Partners