Ideal for the new kitchen entrant or some one looking to give Pakistani Cuisine a try. Dishes prepared are authentic, delicious, simple yet creative enough to incorporate a practical demonstrate the basic of Pakistani’s how do they do that? Ask any restaurateur and they will tell you what a tough business it is. No wonder then tips, recipe’ and techniques are closely guarded secrets. Together we unravel some mysteries and learn some of the dishes that have had you eating out more than you should!

One of the most popular ITHM courses, this cuisine enables the students to relicate with ease popular Mughlai dishes in a healthier way than most restaurant preparations without sacrificing on taste. Included of course are the staple Dal Makhni, Badshahi Biryani, Murgh Noor Jahani and Akbari Gosht.

Entry Level: Middle or Above Duration : 03 Months (Theory & Practical)