Career Opportunities

Great Choice of Career Options

Choosing a career can be tricky and crucial for your life. You have to make sure what you choose is fulfilling and rewarding. ITHM makes sure you’re not left alone after graduation. We provide you career opportunities in the form of internships and placements so that you can have an experience and head start in professional life.

The institute will introduce the governing rules and regulations from time to time. These will be final and binding on all the students.

There are lot of career opportunities for the students of ITHM. The career options include

Career option in travel, tourism and hospitality industry

Great Choice of Career Options

You can have many career pathways in the field of travel, tourism and hospitality. You can pave your way into ancillary services, entertainment and sports, events, conventions/exhibitions, food services, food industry, hotels, resorts, clubs, and travel management. No matter what you choose, ITHM is there to help you find your way and excel.

There are lot of career opportunities for the students of ITHM. The career options include

Hospitality & Food Service

Hotel, Resorts, Restaurants and Catering Establishments

Education and Training

Hotel & Tourism Training Institutions


Travel agencies, Tour operations, Airline companies, Cruise liners,  Conventions, Event management and Tourism Promotion Board

Food Industry

Food Producers and distributors


Theme parks, Golf clubs, Equestrian clubs, Casinos and Sports Club


Catering and housekeeping for hospitals, clinics and health resorts

Marketing & Communications

Public Relations, Advertising and Sales


Managing your own hotel, resort, restaurant, travel and tour business, etc

Ancillary Services

  • Customer Services Manager
  • Cost Control Manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • PR Manager

Entertainment & Sports

  • Entertainment Manager
  • Drive Instructor
  • Gaming Manager
  • Sports & Recreation Manager

Conventions/ Exhibition, Events

  • Convention Services Manager
  • Conference Planner
  • Event Manager
  • Meeting Partner

Food Services

  • Director of Catering
  • Director of Operation
  • Food Services Manager
  • Outlet Manager

Food Industry

  • Business Development
  • Food Production Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  • Manager

Hotels, Resorts, Club

  • Director F&B
  • Executive Chef
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Front Office Manager
  • Pastry Chef
  • Restaurant Manager

Natural & Man Made Attractions

  • Interpretive Specialist
  • Residence Camp Manager
  • Theme Park Manager

Travel Management

  • Destination Development Specialist
  • Incentive Specialist
  • Tour Operator
  • Travel Journalist
  • Tourist Bureau Manager
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • Travel Retail Management