Great Choice of Career Options

Choosing a career can be made easy when you apply a few fundamental principles. First you must be satisfied that there will be employment opportunities at the completion of your education and training; that there will be very real prospects for advancement; and that the nature of your career is personally fulfilling and rewarding.

The qualifications you will receive at the Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management are recognized and acknowledged throughout the world and are therefore transportable.

There are lot of career opportunities for the students of ITHM. The career options include

Hospitality & Food Service

Hotel, Resorts, Restaurants and Catering Establishments

Education and Training

Hotel & Tourism Training Institutions


Travel agencies, Tour operations, Airline companies, Cruise liners,  Conventions, Event management and Tourism Promotion Board

Food Industry

Food Producers and distributors


Theme parks, Golf clubs, Equestrian clubs, Casinos and Sports Club


Catering and housekeeping for hospitals, clinics and health resorts

Marketing & Communications

Public Relations, Advertising and Sales


Managing your own hotel, resort, restaurant, travel and tour business, etc