Baking & Pastry

This introductory-level course covers the basic theory and skill sets used throughout the field of baking and pastry. The course includes the use of hand tools and equipment found in a bakeshop, as well as the exploration of baking and pastry ingredients and their functions. Students will gain a working knowledge of the major methods such as creaming, blending, foaming, meringues, pre-cooked, cut-in, lamination, straight dough, custards, frozen desserts, chocolates, and sauces. Students will also taste and evaluate products they create in class to enhance their understanding of the course material.

An introduction to the principles and techniques used in the preparation of high-quality baked goods and pastries, with an emphasis on fundamental production techniques and evaluation of quality characteristics.

You will get a hands-on experiential foundation in the baking and pastry arts, including specialty breads, confectionery art, production desserts, design, advanced baking principles, menus, and café savory foods

Duration: 2 Months

Entry Level: Intermediate to Master’s Duration : 12 Months (Theory & Practical)