Baking and Patisserie


With a baking qualification you’ll develop the tools to make it as a renowned artisan baker, the owner of a specialty bread retailer or supplier anywhere in the world. This certificate course will develop core skills across both bread making, cake and pastry competencies. You’ll be prepared for a broad range of baking career options, from specialty catering to retail baking and cake decorating.

Learn the fundamental skills of commercial cake and pastry production with valuable on-site training as an apprentice. This flexible program allows you to switch to an apprenticeship model if you begin employment in the industry during your full-time course.

The Experience

  1. Learn the art of baking from experienced bakers
  2. Go on an international study tour exploring global baking trends
  3. Learn from bakery managers about working in an artisan bakery, a hotel or as an entrepreneur.
  4. Enjoy the challenge of both bread making and cake and pastry making, building a complete set of skills
  5. Work and learn from industry experts in our state-of-the-art training facilities
  6. Learn the fundamentals of retail baking operations
  7. Take part in baking masterclasses and competitions to pit your skills against other emerging bakers
  8. You’ll be responsible for driving your learning as you get prepared for a real work environment


Turn Your Sugar Obsession Into A Specialty Skill. With Patisserie Skills, You Could Be The Next Generation’s Desserts Sensation And An Asset To Any International Culinary Team. The essential course for starting an enticing career in patisserie, this certificate arms you with the foundational vocational skills to become a specialist in all things sweet as a Pastry Chef/Patissier. We provide on-campus training and industry engagement to teach you about desserts, gateaux, pastries, food safety, special dietary requirements and a variety of cakes will setting you on a path to a career in patisserie.

The Experience

  1. Learn the art of pastry from experienced chefs
  2. Have the opportunity to go on study tours exploring global food trends
  3. Learn from patissiers experts about working in an artisan bakery, a hotel or a French patisserie
  4. ITHM students can be part of the ITHM EVENTS experience and showcase your creativity in confectionary
  5. Learn the fundamentals of patisserie and the techniques you’ll need to work as a pastry chef
  6. Work with and learn from industry experts in our state-of-the-art training facilities
  7. Learn industry specific skills balanced with literacy, numeracy and valuable ‘life’ skills to get you business ready
  8. Make the most of small class sizes and mentorship from our expert trainers

Entry Level: Intermediate to Master’s Duration : 12 Months (Theory & Practical)