Associate Degree Program (ADP)

Learn more in less time

The Associate Degree Program (ADP) is designed to equip you with adequate knowledge in a limited amount of time. You will be given management knowledge, technical skills, and insights that are required to excel in the hospitality field. The Tourism & Hospitality industry is one of the vibrant and versatile industries in Pakistan after completion of the course, you will have many opportunities and career pathways in the field.

Enroll in the ADP program and unlock your potential in a limited amount of time.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Intermediate/A-level

Career Pathways:

  1. Airline Ground Manager
  2. Cabin crew / Air Hostess
  3. Cruise ship Manager
  4. Resort Manager
  5. Product Development Manager
  6. Tourism Manager
  7. Client Relations Manager
  8. Strategist
  9. Executive Housekeeper
  10. Concierge Manager
  11. Guest Service Manager
  12. Restaurant Manager
  13. F&B Manager
  14. Business Entrepreneur
  15. Hotel Manager / General Manager

Course Outline

Semester I
English - I
Foundation I: Introduction to tourism & hospitality
General I: Principles of Management
General II: Cultural History of Pakistan
Major I: Front Office Operations & Management
Semester II
English - II (Communication Skills)
Introduction to computer
Foundation II: Pakistan Tourist Destinations
Major II: Tourism: Concepts & Principles
Major III: Tourism Marketing
Semester III
English III: Technical Writing & Presentation Skills
Foundation III: Sustainable Tourism
Major IV: Heritage Management
Major V: Travel & Tour Operations
Major VI: Sports & Adventure Tourism
Major VII: Project Management
Semester IV
Foundation IV: Housekeeping Operations &
Major VIII: Culinary Arts
Major IX: Thesis / Internship

Entry Level: Intermediate to Master’s Duration : 12 Months (Theory & Practical)