ADP (Commerce)


Associate Degree in Commerce

The Associate Degree in Commerce is a regular 2-year degree program which has been designed to equip the students with adequate knowledge and skills which would help them taking an early start of their professional career so that they can earn their livings and support their families too.

The Associate Degree Programs are equivalent to a Bachelor Degree (B.A. /B.Sc.) i.e., 14 years of study. ADP is a four-semester or 2 years long program in Pakistan that is taken right after an intermediate or secondary school certificate. The associate degree program at ITHM is awarded by the most prestigious university of Pakistan i.e. The University of Punjab (PU).

The ADP Commerce Program is based on providing an edge to equip the graduates with the necessary tools and techniques along with the knowledge in the area of Management, Marketing, and Finance. The program lays due emphasis on development of interpersonal skills.

Equivalency: B.A. /B.Sc.

Duration: 2 years
Eligibility: Intermediate/A-level

Course Outline

Semester I
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
ADC-101 Business Mathematics 3 (3,0)
*ADC-102 Computer Application in Business 3 (1,2)
ADC-103 Financial Accounting-I 3 (3,0)
ADC-104 Functional English 3 (3,0)
ADC-105 Business Organizations 3 (3,0)
ADC-106 Islamic Studies 2 (2,0)
Semester II
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
ADC-111 Business Communications 3 (2,1)
ADC-112 Business Statistics 3 (3,0)
ADC-113 Microeconomics 3 (3,0)
ADC-114 Financial Accounting-II 3 (3,0)
ADC-115 Pakistan Studies 2 (2,0)
ADC-216 ERP in Business & Commerce-I (Part-I) 1 (0,1)
Semester III
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
ADC-201 Macroeconomics 3 (3,0)
ADC-202 Cost Accounting 3 (3,0)
ADC-203 Advanced Financial Accounting-I 3 (3,0)
ADC-204 Taxation Management-I 3 (3,0)
ADC-205 Business Law 3 (3,0)
ADC-216 ERP in Business & Commerce-II (Part-II) 1 (0,1)
Semester IV
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
ADC-211 Audit & Assurance 3 (3,0)
ADC-212 Entrepreneurship 3 (3,0)
ADC-213 Advanced Financial Accounting-II 3 (3,0)
ADC-214 Taxation Management-II 3 (3,0)
ADC-215 Money, Banking & Finance 3 (3,0)
**ADC-216 ERP in Business & Commerce-III (Part-III) 1 (0,1)

Entry Level: Intermediate to Master’s Duration : 12 Months (Theory & Practical)