About ITHM

ITHM is the only government-chartered institute providing quality education in Culinary Arts, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management. ITHM is an initiative taken by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) in the year 1988, which testifies that ITHM has experience and well-informed background in the concerned fields..

ITHM is committed to providing international level education in the field of hospitality, with emphasis on both theoretical and practical learning. ITHM’s programs are nationally and internationally accepted and has been opening doors of many opportunities for its students.

ITHM in collaboration with its international Global Academic Partners; Australia, America, England, France & Europe offers you holistic programs offering immense knowledge provided by our highly qualified, local and international faculty.

ITHM College is the Government chartered and endorsed training institute for the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Food and Event industries. We are delivering a wide range of courses within Pakistan with national & international pathways for further progression of the trainees. With around more than 15,000 Alumni, we offer a broad range of educational programs & training including certificates, diplomas, higher diplomas, degree, post graduate, short courses and specialized training programs for students and industry as well.

For two decades, we have earned a strong Global reputation through the delivery of innovative, hands on, competency based training services to the students and industry across Pakistan & Abroad. Our passionate and dedicated management & faculty members, with long standing strong ties, ITHM is imparting knowledge and skills at the highest international learning standards.

Our Vision is to be the first choice educational institute for the Tourism & Hospitality industry. Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality specialist skills & education to inspire, empower and develop people passionately devoted to being service industry professionals, leaders & innovators.


To create a better world through education, integrity, and cultural understanding.


To create hospitality excellence through thorough education and practical learning.


To orient programs for students that meet industry requirements nationally and internationally.

Our Values

    • Our Benchmark
    •     We strive to maintain our international benchmark.
    • Education Component
    •      We maintain a strong general education component.
    • Making Entrepreneurs
    •      We strive to give our graduates the confidence to start their own businesses.
    • Thorough Knowledge at Less Cost
    •      We strive to provide innovative programs at a reduced cost.
    • Producing Competent Graduates
    •      We strive to educate our graduates in the foundational skills to appear as competent.

All Education Boards

” Fusing Asian practices with international perspectives for a truly global outlook, you are sure to gain from the best of all worlds. “

ITHM in affiliation with International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) USA, City & Guilds (UK), Alliance Francaise, European Hotel & Tourism Schools, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (Australia) has produced hundreds of global hospitality leaders whose records of accomplishment spans over 25 years in the excellent Tourism & Hospitality education in Pakistan.