Messages from Industry


Hamid Qadri (G.M. Sarena Hotel Kabul)

It is with immense pleasure I congratulate TDCP for taking a bold step and desired initiative to establish ITHM in Faisalabad. I being a Hotelier for past 28 years, have always dreamt to see hospitality industry flourishing in Pakistan and no doubt it's only possible, when a country has pool of young, qualified and skilled prospectus available. Faisalabad is known as hub of textile and related industries, which are set to flourish further during next 10 years, specially after implementation of WTO 2005.

It is obvious that industrial expansion will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn and establish in this region, which ultimately will increase the demand of leisure and restaurant market. Opening of ITHM Faisalabad will not only fulfill the skilled manpower demand of Faisalabad region, but will also be able to feed the Lahore market as well. The Serena Hotel would be pleased to support this great cause to strengthen the Hospitality Industry in Pakistan and wishing ITHM best of luck and success in their new challenge.

Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad

Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad (Ex-Vice Chancellor U.A.F)

The TDCP's Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management (ITHM) is an excellent endeavor and step towards the right direction by the Government of Punjab to very good addition to the brewing Industrial/agricultural city of Faisalabad. This will not only provide Youth of the district with unique opportunity to contribute/have their share of the multibillion dollar Tourism Industry nationally/internationally but will also provide an opportunity to the area & masses to have their due share of the tourism industry. As ITHM is playing a vital role in promotion of Tourism & Hospitality in the region. I offer my profound wishes to the management and staff of lTHM Faisalabad campus and commend the efforts of TDCP for setting-up an institute with a sound credence.


Mr Yassen (Front Office Manager Serena Faisalabad)

I have been working in hospitality industry since last 10 years. I started my career as a Front Office trainee from Faisalabad Serena Hotel in 2001 and during last ten years gradually from the positions of Duty Manager, Reservation Manager, Sr. Duty Manager and Assistant Front Office Manager and now I am working as a Front Office Manager. Hospitality industry is the only industry where you can polish your personality in such a way that you found a lot of scope as a professional. You play with the emotions of the people. You can adjust in any profession which is related to people because you have the art to deal people. ITHM is no doubt a great contribution to the hospitality industry for providing good human resource to meet the need & demand of this industry.

Fahad Islam

Mr.Fahad Islam (Asst Front Office Manager Serena Faisalabad)

"If we take people as we find them, we make them worse, but if we treat them as though they are what they should be, we help them to become what they are capable of becoming"

ITHM Faisalabad is a great opportunity at your door step (in your own city) to learn about hospitality field which is no doubt a world's largest growing industry & when it comes to deal as professional then I always believe sky is a limit & we can fly as high as we prove how much potential we have.

We just need to take a single step to move forward on a journey of success towards our goal & ITHM Faisalabad is that first step which will lead you towards your goal to become professional.

Muhammad Jamshed

Mr. Muhammad Jamshed (Branch Manager Galileo Faisalabad)

The aviation industry is growing domestically and regionally as a pace faster than anticipated, creating a huge vacuum for skilled personnel. ITHM Institute aims to add considerable value to this multifaceted industry by using our extensive resources to tap leading student to have affiliations with world renowned institutes in the related field.

Dr. S.M Shafiq

Dr. S.M Shafiq (Ret. Director Police Head Quarter Punjab)

It gives me immense pleasure to write a few lines for the excellent performance of Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management Faisalabad. It is really a gift to the people of Faisalabad. Students were forced to move to Lahore for getting education with heavy expense. This profession is one of the most popular economic fields in the world. Some countries are primarily depending on Tourism and Hoteling, such as UK, France, Egypt, India, and Malaysia & so on many countries. I have visited 17 countries in my official and private capacity. Tourists were seen in large number adding to the income of that country. Unfortunately this sector of our economy is lagged much behind. Almost 20 years ago, this sector was full of life. Tourists used to visit Pakistan, particularly ancient cities like Lahore, Multan and also Northern areas specially Narran & Swat valleys. People of these areas were financially sound, but after USSR aggression in Afghanistan and incident of 9/11, which disturbed law, and order in Pakistan, this sector of our economy lost its charm. Now Punjab Government has started revamping this neglected area of society and ITHM Faisalabad is result of the same campaign. There is an acute paucity of trained people in this field and tourists, who visit Pakistan, are not fully guided and entertained. I am sure ITHM is playing a vital role to fill this gap. Trained people earn handsome amount and also leave good impression of the people of Pakistan. Thus it becomes helpful to attract more tourists by way of expressing good behavior and shedding their fear. I pray to Almighty Allah for the prosperity of ITHM.

Shahid Yousaf

Mr. Shahid Yousaf (Manager Metro Cash & Carry Store Faisalabad)

I have studied in ITHM and now as a teacher serving the institute since last two years. During my studies the faculty was very high profiled and now it has even more improved. I found the ITHM College the need of the day as the Food and Beverages industry is growing gradually and ITHM is creating real professionals for this growing industry. I wish this institute to grow more in near future.