About ITHM College

TDCP Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management, Faisalabad

The tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) was established in 1987 with an objective to develop & promote Tourism in the province. Tourism industry in Pakistan has experienced various difficulties in finding professional and skilled persons for its growth. To bridge this gap TDCP established institute in 1988-89.

The demand for the trade indicates high potential for an institute of Tourism & Hotel Management planned at a bigger scale to train personal for the industry.

TDCP-ITHM is an institute in Pakistan with an objective to impart vocational and professional knowledge to the personnel attached to this sector. The programmes are designed to cover various levels of executive and workers engaged in this field. They are expected to develop the tourism-related activities in their respective organizations. Thereby the corporation will meet one of the objectives of its creation.

The programmes aim at developing professionals equipped with skills and techniques for top class management of Tourism and Hospitality services.

Travel and Tourism

Our Diploma is a programme that has worldwide standards for graduate studies in Hospitality & Tourism. The programme is created for students who are keen to pursue a career in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry. Imagine


The course has been designed to prepare students for a career in Travel & Tour companies, Airlines, Hotel & Resorts, Tourism Promotion Board and other related pursuits worldwide.

Tourism Facilities

Our programmes will take students to various tourism facilities in Pakistan and other popular tourist destinations. Students will be exposed to airports, railway networks, hotel & resort operations. They will be taught to understand and acquire the skills required to manage these facilities.

Professional Activities/Visits

Students are taken to tourist destinations and hotel chains time to time to understand Destination & Hospitality management as well as operations and up-keep of these places. This provides opportunities to discover and experience the history, art, culture, heritage and geography of the places.

Domestic and Regional Tours

During the studies, students will need to learn how to plan and design tour packages. They are required to put up three different tours at end of terms, including Domestic Regional and International tours. They will also learn how to promote and sell these tours and how to handle the customers.

Practical Training in Various Organizations

Students are placed for practical training at various organizations in Pakistan. The practical training will expose students to real situations in operation and office management. The acceptance of our students Nationally and Internationally means that our programmes are recognized by Hospitality & Tourism Industry at large.

Hotel & Hospitality

It is essential to prepare students with hands-on-training to allow them to master the skills and gain confidence to face the working world upon the completion of course.

Open More Doors with our Professional Courses

The ITHM is a college with low cost and quality education. The standard of education is comparable to the excellent colleges of Asia, Europe and United States of America. The courses offered by the college aim at providing the participants with a broad knowledge of hotel management principles and practice, applicable in all areas of operations. The college degrees open the doors for students all over the world. This enables the students to start their career Nationally or Internationally.